Fares for the vehicles provided by Haramayn Transfers are calculated through a smart algorithm. Our smart algorithm not only takes in to consideration the duration and distance of trip but also consider other factors like driving speed, urban density, wait times and traffic patterns. All the fares are calibrated with extreme care in order to ensure the low cost travel to our customers.
Yes, we are working with an aim of providing high quality Transfers services at lower rates. We carefully monitor the efficiency of our operations as well as the additional factors like traffic patterns of the city and driving speeds and constantly provide low fares to let the customers enjoy comfortable ride with us.
Haramayn Transfers services build the route map through google maps for your trip. Our drivers always try to take the travelers from the shortest possible route with minimum traffic congestion to let our customers enjoy convenient trip.
Yes estimate of the fares can sometimes vary from the actual proposed one in case of unforeseen factors like too much traffic congestion, unusual weather, road constructions or any other reason.
Yes, Haramayn Transfers services provide 24/7 customer support in order to entertain all your queries at any time with perfection.
Haramayn Transfers services constitute of a large pool of vehicles and new models are added every now and then in order to ensure the availability of best and comfortable travel to our clients in all their trips.
You can update your booking plan or contact the customer support representative and Haramayn Transfers will change the vehicle according to your need or provide two vehicles according to your need.In case of any specific question, feel free to contact us anytime at: info@haramaynTransfers.com